The Power of Bluetooth in our Smart App!!

  • Get to your customers NOW
  • Simple, Smart, Instant Marketing
  • Dynamic messaging

Shoppers get to see what
is close to them!
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True One-to-One Marketing

With the power of Logo app, the world can see you as an individual store – a unique business.

Power of Mapping the Logo -

There are no strangers any more. With a click on the app, individual stores and businesses, get messages and instantly reach sellers.

Dynamic Messaging and Updates

No more waiting for the next ad – businesses update their promotions quickly,easily and frequently.

How it works

Logo is a quick and powerful way for businesses to reach potential customers who are close to them.Customers know instantly what is being offered as they approach a business.

  • Stores setup a Logo account – it is easy, fast, and really inexpensive.
  • Using a Bluetooth beacons,businesses update their information, offers, promotions, messages dynamically – this too is easy and fast.
  • Individuals see updated information as they come close to a beacon.
  • Simple and easy to use interface for users to use and save money, time.


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The Logo app is developed by OneSmarter, Inc. – we bring the power of smart technologies to you.